SR Networks are an IT Support Company and Network Engineers offering a range of consultancy, design, installation and problem solving solutions to business clients. By using us you are guaranteed impartial advice, solutions backed by years of experience, and cutting edge thinking.


As a professional services practice, it is a key requirement for my business to have working IT systems at all times.  When something IT related goes wrong, we encounter downtime, and as we only have our time to sell, it has a direct effect on our turnover and profitability.

It is therefore imperative that when things do go wrong, we have the ability to resolve the problem quickly.  Having recently called upon your services at no notice, I was impressed by your appreciation of my dilemma and ability to assist quickly.

Through logging in remotely, you saved me vital time and cost in terms of travelling to my office, which is appreciated.  After a few hours work, you resolved my issue and all has been fine since. It is reassuring to know that I can now call upon your services as and when future events like this occur.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends, family and business associates in the future.

We host many websites for our clients and before we can begin to host them, we have to migrate them from their previous supplier to us.

This used to be a simple process but now people have emails on their computers, tables and phones.  This has made the transfer far more complicated and is way above what my simple mind can comprehend.

We recently had to move a website across to us.  SR Networks managed the migration of the website, email accounts, historic emails and probably loads of stuff I do not understand.

They did this in textbook fashion and the client is more than happy with their work.  I have worked with them for 14 years and will continue to do so.

We use SR Networks because we can speak to someone straight away if we have a problem. Also their remote support software means we can often get things instantly rather than having to wait for an engineer to arrive onsite