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Despite my youthful good looks, I am in the dark ages when it comes to computing.  So earlier this year when IT meltdown occurred at home (meaning my sons had a great excuse not to do their homework) and then with one of my work desktops – they came to the rescue.  Events like this make you realise how much we come to rely on IT working properly.

I am please to say that both machines are now working better than ever – my sons are less impressed as they have no excuses about homework now!

The work was carried out in a timely and very professional manner and as a result I will not hesitate to recommend them to other partners, professional contacts, clients and friends.

We are very satisfied with the service and response times offered by SR Networks. The fact that they are a local supplier has also resulted in fast response times to our IT problems and requirements. From our experience we would not hesitate in recommending them to other companies looking for a professional IT service.

You would think that in 2014, being able to receive a strong WIFI signal across your house would be a given.  However, as we all know, this is not always the case.

Recently I asked SR Networks to boost my WIFI signal across my house.  They came on Saturday and did just that.  Within 1 hour I had a strong WIFI signal right across the house and garden and it has never let me down yet.

As always, whenever anyone needs IT help, I refer them in and will continue to do so.