Key hardware offered by SR Networks:
  • Custom Built PCs and Servers
  • NAS & large storage (Petabyte) servers
  • Wireless networking
  • Fibre optic and wired networks

Why buy hardware from us?

Whenever we are asked what type of company we are, the answer is always “Computer and IT Engineers”. Engineering is the process of applying scientific, mathematical and practical knowledge to design machines and systems. What this means is that we listen very closely to your requirements and then design you a system that does exactly that. You won’t find us giving you an off-the-shelf item or selling equipment for the sake of profit margins.

By use of sophisticated engineering and removal of all unnecessary items we can often supply complex systems and equipment for less than our competitors. IT companies often specify or quote on hardware that is far in advance of what their client needs. Sometimes this is to boost their profits. But usually it’s that they do not fully understand either the technology or the requirements. So they overestimate the specification required and the client then pays the price, literally. It’s the equivalent of a car salesman selling someone a Ferrari when all they needed was a car to go shopping. You can go shopping in a Ferrari, but the specifications are a little higher than the clients real world requirements.

We are not dependant on any manufacturer or reseller and can source parts from any corner of the globe. This means there is no incentive for us to choose one manufacturer over another unless the one we choose confers some benefit to the customer we are working for.