Key help desk services offered by SR Networks
  • Onsite and remote support of PCs, Networks and Servers
  • No limits on hours spent or number of callouts
  • Automatic email updates on all outstanding issues
  • 4 levels of support to suit all budgets
Business benefits of Helpdesk Services
  • Proactive IT support to stop faults occurring
  • More reliable computer systems
  • Capped IT costs
  • Easy to budget for IT expenditure
  • Money back if we do not hit our service targets
  • Discounts on our other IT services

For most companies, computers are their business. Invoicing, sales, marketing, production and usually even telephones all depend on IT working correctly. If the IT doesn’t work, the business stops. When business stops the costs can be massive. Hourly costs of £500-£1000 are not unusual for even small companies.

Given the above, it is important that businesses have experienced and available IT professionals on hand to rectify problems quickly and with the minimum of disruption. We pride ourselves on our response time, our quickest guaranteed level being 1 hour.