SR Networks can provide an IT support solution to match your requirements and budget. We have 3 main ways which you can pay for IT support:

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Prepayment Contract Pay As You Go
Monthly Costs Fixed Variable Variable
Response Times Guaranteed Best Effort Best Effort
Proactive work Yes No No
Backup monitoring Yes No No
IT equipment covered Only kit specified in the agreement Anything Anything
Type of work covered Fixing problems on kit covered Anything Anything
Payment Monthly in advance by Direct Debit As & when required by Direct Debit Invoiced & credit or debit card
Hours of work 0800 - 1800 Mon-Fri 0900-1700 Mon-Fri 0900-1700 Mon-Fri
Weekend or out of hours work Discounted rates Additional costs Additional costs
Optional Extras Discounts for 3 year deals 1 Hour callout 1 Hour callout & No Fix No Fee
Ideal for SME (5+ PCs) networks of Windows PCs and servers Companies using cloud apps to run their business Emergency or project work
Service Level Agreement

A Service Level Agreement is sometimes called an all-you-can-eat contract since there are no limits to the number of IT Support hours or callouts we could undertake if required. Payment is a simple fixed monthly price. The only limits are that firstly the work done under a Service Level Agreement has to be fixing a problem (changes or setting up new stuff is a chargeable extra). Secondly, when signing the Service Level Agreement, we agree the IT kit that is covered. Anything outside that list or at a different location is chargeable.

Prepaid Hours

This is a contract whereby you pay an amount of money upfront for which we give you a number of hours of support. As you use up the hours we record how much time we have spent for you and simply ask for a further payment when they have run out. This type of agreement is ideal if you have lots of small jobs taking 10-20mins or so each. Since these small amounts of time will be deducted from the total time you have purchased. This is a better solution than Pay As You Go since as a 10min job would be rounded up to either 30min or 60mins. Anything can covered on this contract but callouts attract additional fees.

Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go is suitable for companies who only want IT support from time to time. It is available to everyone and you are guaranteed the same level of engineer as our support contracts receive. Though since we have to meet service level response times for our contract clients, Pay As You Go has no guaranteed availability or response time.