Monitor Employee Internet and Computer Usage
Do you suspect your staff of any of the following:

  • Wasting work time on facebook, twitter or other internet sites
  • Not performing their duties or following procedures
  • Stealing your company data and/or customers
  • Using your internet connection for illegal or immoral activities
  • Inappropriate behavior with other employees, customers or suppliers
Well, the first thing to say is that you’re not alone. Most if not all business have big concerns about how staff use their PCs and the internet whilst at work. What stops them doing anything about it is that they don’t know how easily it is to monitor Internet & Computer use, and are concerned about their staff finding out.

We can help. We have the capability to covertly monitor everything that happens on a computer and the Internet. Here’s a shortlist of some of our capabilities:

  • Internet Monitoring (Which websites visited, how often and for how long)
  • Twitter, facebook, instant messenger or other Social Media use
  • Data copied off site via USB drive, online folder or personal email account
  • Computer Use (how often and how long on different programs)
  • Password Capture (for websites and/or encryption software)
  • See how they use certain software packages, even where they click 
  • Emails sent, received, forwarded and deleted. Including personal email accounts

So how can we help you?  We have trained and experienced IT engineers that can covertly attend your site and setup various types of monitoring on PCs, laptops or servers.  Once setup, the monitoring is left in place typically for 2-4 weeks.  Whereupon we attend site again, remove the monitoring and create a management report detailing our findings.

We can also do all but the most complicated jobs entirely remotely if required.  The setup is more complex and requires a bit of work on your part but it is a lower cost option if this is important.

Frequently asked questions

1. How does it work?

We unfortunately can’t answer that for two reasons. Firstly we have developed these techniques over many years and are not prepared to share them. Secondly if we detailed how we operate, your staff could simply go looking for the specific tools and techniques we use!

2. Can I do it myself?

The main risk in doing it yourself would be your staff finding out, if you implemented it incorrectly. Also you might inadvertently commit an offence (see point 5) if you view personal information.  If you have internal IT staff, there maybe also privacy issues if you allow them to see other peoples personal information.

3. Can you guarantee you will find my staff doing something they shouldn’t?

Almost certainly, its human nature. I doubt you’ll find anyone who doesn’t browse the odd website for personal reasons during work hours. We focus on is simply giving you all the data in a final report. What you do with it is up to you.

4. Will the monitoring capture personal information

Yes. By its nature it is blanket surveillance. We often capture personal bank details & balances, logins for personal email accounts and websites, evidence of activities outside of work and also indications of any future employment plans they might have.

5. Is this legal?

In general you are supposed to let staff know they are being monitored. Typically this is via an ambiguous statement in the employee’s contract of employment. But there are also a few laws around intercepting electronic communications we have to abide by.  So the general rule is that you should only monitor your staff to:

  1. Check compliance with regulations
  2. Detect unauthorised use of business property
  3. Prevent or detect a criminal act

Finally you should take reasonable steps to ensure that you don’t capture and read personal information. By using us to collate and present the data we can act to ensure that you don’t breach this clause as we won’t put personal information in the final report.

6. What if illegal activities are found

We have no legal duty to inform the police and leave any evidence of criminal activities for you to report as and when you feel the time is right.

7. Can you give me some examples of work you have performed?

  1. A scout campsite staff member was banned for life from working at the campsite for looking at inappropriate websites on the reception PC
  2. Handed evidence to senior management that a sales manager was directing incoming orders to his own business he was setting up in direct competition to his employer
  3. Two staff members were dismissed for sending each other inappropriate messages on facebook
  4. A women was dismissed for spending most of the working day browsing the web when she should have been working
  5. A younger staff member was reprimanded for making inappropriate comments on facebook about her employer
  6. We proved that an employee’s repeated days off for illness was actually related to another job that she had
  7. A receptionist was cleared of suspicion after we proved that she was deleting all sent & received emails purely to be tidy!
  8. An employee was caught copying off customer data prior to going to work for a competitor
  9. Two employees were dismissed for making derogatory comments on facebook in relation to the business and manager
  10. Provided management with proof that an employee was falsifying timesheets and claiming for work they had not done
If you would like to discuss our capabilities or arrange a site visit then please call 03300 240231 and we'd be happy to answer all your questions. Or complete the contact form below and one of our engineers will call to discuss your requirements.

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