Did you know that 89% of employees who find out that they are being secretly monitored quit within 3 months? 

You’ve no doubt seen that Employee Monitoring Software is easy to find on the Internet.  It’s reasonably cheap and apparently simply to install.  But what you’re not told is how easily staff can often find out it’s there.

At SR Networks we offer a complete Employee Computer Monitoring service.  We take all the risk out of what is an often an extremely sensitive and technically challenging undertaking.  We supply the software, install and configure it, stream the data back to our servers and supply a report detailing our findings.  Our experienced engineers can perform all the work remotely or make a covert onsite visit if the situation demands it.

7 Reasons to use SR Networks 

  1. Easy.  By using SR Networks you remove all the stress created by having to choose which software to use, wondering if it will work and also if it could be found by the employee.
  2. No Risk.  We know the software works so you won’t waste time and money by trying to guess which software is the best.
  3. Proven.  We have used the software many times and know all its quirks and nuances.  Our engineers are also experienced in making sure it doesn’t get found.
  4. Technical.  Even if you not IT savvy, you can still monitor your employees by using our engineers to do all the work for you. 
  5. Fast.  We can usually get the software setup within a few hours of the initial call if the matter is urgent.
  6. Legal.  The law says you should take reasonable steps to ensure you don’t see any personal information.  With our service we can ensure that any personal information does not end up in the report.
  7. Cost Effective.  An underperforming employee will cost you £1000’s every year.  Our service can give you the information you need to make a decision.  But also it can sometimes show where the employee is not following systems or procedures, allowing you to correct their behaviour rather than replacing them.

Here’s a shortlist of some of the software’s capabilities :

  • Internet Monitoring (which websites visited, how often and for how long)
  • Twitter, facebook, instant messenger or other Social Media use
  • Data copied off site via USB drive, online folder or personal email account
  • Computer Use (how often and how long on different programs)
  • Password Capture (for websites and/or encryption software)
  • See how they use certain software packages, even where they click 
  • Emails sent, received, forwarded and deleted. Including personal email accounts
If you would like to discuss our capabilities or arrange a site visit then please call 03300 240231 and we'd be happy to answer all your questions. Or complete the contact form below and one of our engineers will call to discuss your requirements.

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